BACK IN 2017

SOLS was launched in 2012, and after about 3 years since the release of the last model, we are introducing OXFORD model which was initially designed in 2017. It was finally completed after about 5 years.

Today, the design may be nothing out of the ordinary, but it derives from the court shoes with reinforced toe caps called bumpers, which were manufactured by many companies (BF Goodrich, JC Penny, US Rubber, La Crosse etc..) in the 1960s and 1970s in the United States. It consists of the ordinarily but thoroughly examined molding with a long nose and a narrow opening, and the beautiful single stitch work with different pitches arranged in the right place. (SOLS: OXFORD)

This model has a three-layer upper consisting of the outer layer made with the high-count white twill, the middle layer and lining, and the cotton heel tape is precisely stitched to increase rigidity. Available in all-white “MILK” color.

• 12mm diameter aluminum eyelets
• Cotton shoe laces
• High density canvas heel counter
• Reinforcement patch at the back of shoe tongue
• Cotton pile footbed
• Specially formulated anti-slip gum outsole
• Wide canvas back foxing (cloth attached rubber tape)
• Newly designed shoe box
• 1st lot production only

EARLY 2023
VP128613 "MILK"